Robo Arm Multi Cricket Ball Thrower
  • Robo Arm Multi Cricket Ball Thrower - NZ Cricket Store
  • Robo Arm Multi Cricket Ball Thrower - NZ Cricket Store

Robo Arm Multi Cricket Ball Thrower | NZ

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Robo Arm Multi Cricket Ball Thrower

The Robo Arm is designed and tested to allow cricketers the best practice available, allowing one person to provide a batsman with quick, accurate deliveries with little effort.

  • It is very easy to use, and can be mastered by most cricketers very quickly.
  • A great tool for parents who’s throwing and bowling days are behind them.
  • Ergonomic Grip for accurate bowling.
  • Robo Arm has been designed to throw any type of cricket ball.
  • Speeds upto 130-150Kmph can be achieved easily, improve your reaction time while facing high speed bowling.


Robo Arm comes with new technology which gives it edge over its competitors.

Adjustable cup with settings 1-9 and can also be used to practice high catches.

Robo Arm is currently being used by Blackcaps,Indian Cricket team and many other International Players.


"The Robo Arm Ball Thrower is excellent. It is strong and very easy to use and has very good speed."- Paul Farbrace (England assistant cricket coach, Former head coach of the Sri Lankan Cricket Team, winning the ICC World Twenty20 2014 and Asia Cup 2014.)


Available 31 July 2022

Robo Arm cup available for $14.99

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